Albums is a desktop, which you can litter with CDs of your choice - favourites, recents, cool artwork, whatever you like. You can throw them around. It's fun!

  • Add albums to the desk from your music library
  • Fling albums around with realistic physics
  • Double-tap to play from start to finish
  • Tap to zoom into album artwork
  • Flip over for track listings, play a particular track
  • Done with an album for now? Fling it off the desk!

New in Albums 1.1

  • Designed to fit iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
  • support - Scrobble your tracks, get listening stats.

Albums uses the iPod music library for playback, you can control it with the headphone remote.

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Designed & built by randomsequence
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Large Artwork

Tap to show large artwork


Flip over to choose tracks

Desk Edge

Throw albums off the desk